Your Personal Health Assistant

Take control of aging and caregiving! Created by families for families, BUDDY is a versatile and reliable digital health solution that monitors and supports proactive aging. Powered by revolutionary AI technology, families and loved ones can now enjoy unprecedented levels of freedom, connectedness and safety while living life to its fullest!

Track Your
Health Patterns
In A Modern Way

Automatically track and log your health readings using a wearable device. All of your data will be stored to your personal account where you can view a track record of your health patterns and share with your doctor.


There are five ways that BUDDY gives you and your loved ones a worry-free life.


BUDDY helps you to never miss a medication or vital-sign measurement. It taps into your smartphone’s camera to quickly scan the medication, dosage, and frequency.

Vitals/Code Blue

BUDDY intelligently monitors your vital signs. A change in heart rate is not unusual...unless it moves outside of your normal range.

Safety Alerts

BUDDY lets you tell others that you feel unsafe. Simply tap the screen on your smartwatch, and BUDDY will ask if you wish to send an alert to a loved one or to emergency services.

Fall Detection

BUDDY automatically detects when your loved one has fallen. You can set it to send an alert to you, another caregiver, a health professional, or a first-responder.

Boundary Alerts

You can set the boundary area in which your loved one should travel. It might be a neighborhood or even a part of town.

iOS Compatible

BUDDY works conveniently on any iOS device. Download our app from the Apple store, login to your account and you are ready to go!

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Pick The Categories You Want To Track

BUDDY has built-in features to do more than just the basics. We give you the ability to only track the categories you need to get the most out of BUDDY.

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